Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

Which Neo-Liberals?

ScoMo: I'm the head dickhead of the neo-liberal Liberals.

Albo: I'm the head dickhead of neo-liberal Labor. We use Labor in our name so that voters can know that we're the good neo-liberals. Don't worry about the spelling. We don't represent labour.

Kline: I'm the head of the New Liberals. We started using this name so that voters could know that we're neither the bad, incompetent, neo-liberal Liberals nor the, not so bad, but incompetent, neo-liberal Labor party. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we're now the TNL party. The T stands for 'The", the N stands for "New", and the L stands for "Liberal".

Donkey: I'm here for the voters who know that this is one very sick joke.

ScoMo: They keep voting us in. Is my charisma my fault?

Albo: We've changed.

Kline: We're one of you. Well not exactly. Many of you are grubby and corrupt like your politicians. Our main concern is that the sheeple won't understand how they're being fleeced by the neo-liberals.

Donkey: hee-haw

The Modern Monetary Theory people don't have a political face. You're not going to see a Job Guarantee Scheme anytime soon.

The liberal in New Liberal isn't a mistake. The TNL can explain themselves here.

If you're able, vote TNL. For the first time in our history, a party is advancing policies that are underpinned by a sound understanding of economics.

What have you got to lose? A few party hacks may lose their jobs but they won't have to endure unemployment at the hands of government.

The donkey will do whatever you want if you feed him. Don't vote for him. We don't need corrupt, neo-liberal donkeys. Already got plenty of them.

The rest of you should vote against your best interests by voting either neo-liberal or neo-liberal. It's not complicated.

Does ScoMo (or his fast approaching replacement) get your heart pumping or does Albo do it for you?

Whomever you vote in will be unable to deal with the economic collapse that awaits. You can only whip bankrupt banks into a lending frenzy so many times. And nothing can be done about the price of oil, and what flows from that.

- 1 toast