Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

We're Sleepwalking

The US has won its appeal in London's High Court over the extradition of journalist, Julian Assange.

Assange isn't a mere messenger like many others plying his trade. He's a courageous and principled journalist who's exposing and confronting evil.

We're the deniers. We aren't going to peek. Put our heads up.

Children shot up by a remote gaming machine can't be unseen, so best not to look.

Assange's persecution is out in the open. It's in our faces. The US is telling us to not even think about opposing it. And predictably, there's little push back.

Today, the US is one step closer to punishing Assange as only it knows how.

He's an enemy of a disintegrating State that's an enemy of people everywhere, including its own. Its record on signing and ratifying human rights treaties is appalling. Why is that?

Listen to Michael Hudson or read his book, SuperImperialism. It explains how US imperialism works. Assange's disclosures are just the tip of the iceberg.

Only a few clauses of the Magna Carta remain on UK statutes. One of them, the right to due legal process1, has been in place for eight centuries.

Ordinarily, between civilised countries, there's no need to worry about how charged persons will be treated, be they accused serial killers or shop lifters.

UK and US law assumes that they're innocent until proven guilty. They're treated humanely. They're accorded due legal process.

But, in Assange's case, the UK Judge required assurances from the US that Assange would "not be subject to "special administrative measures" – strict detention conditions which prevent contact with the outside world – or that he would be held at the federal ADX supermax prison Colorado."

In other words, the UK government and its judiciary know what the US is, but are going to rollover none the less.

Assange is an Australian citizen. He's held captive in a former evil empire that's prepared to sell him out to another. He faces a maximum sentence of 175 years in a US prison.

ScoMo wants him "to face the music".

ScoMo, the little man who, thanks to our votes, leads a vassal state of the empire.

ScoMo, the proud awardee of an American military decoration2 for "leadership in addressing global challenges".

ScoMo, the man with a crocodile brain. If it's bigger than you, get out of its way, and do what you're told.

Right or wrong doesn't register.

  1. clauses 39 and 40 in the 1215 charter, clause 29 in the 1297 statute

  2. Legion of Merit

- 1 toast