Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

We're Coming Down To The Wire

The US and China are on a collision course over the remaining affordable, transportable, energy dense fuel. They are, by far, the largest consumers.

The war in Ukraine is part of a broad US strategy designed to win the conflict with China.

Diesel oil, which does the heavy lifting, is at the heart of it. It's also about natural gas, the fuel for making fertiliser, and aviation fuel, which weapons of war require.

These fuels are required to prolong the empire, and to feed people, if they're interested in that.

The US declared enemies are Russia, China, and Iran. Russia and Iran escaped early encounters with the US.

Iran has diesel. Russia has diesel, gas and fertiliser.

China and the US do not (comparatively). Both source their heavy lifting energy from the Middle East.

The US can block Chinese oil along the sea channels. But, thanks to the Taliban, the Chinese now have a future land based pipeline to the Middle East through Afghanistan (See the map below).

I don't know if Russia or China can prevent oil reaching the US.

The US buys diesel using US dollars that are created out of thin air. Every other country has to find US dollars. These dollars are returned to the US as payment for weaponry. They're called petrodollars.

The US disposes of those who sell oil in other currencies (Gaddafi, Sadam Hussein). Without going into detail, the US uses the US dollar, SWIFT banking system, and the IMF, among others, as financial weapons.

Ukraine has the second highest IMF debt in the world. The US dollars for the loans were created out of thin air.

Ukraine's worst enemy is the US. When the Russians return their country, free of Nazis, weapons of mass destruction, and Russians, the US will still be there with its hand out, demanding repayment of debts the Ukrainians can never repay. Its resources will be pillaged in lieu of repayment, and it will remain the poorest country in Europe.

Europe is going down the gurgler because it doesn't have dense energy, and its countries stupidly gave up their currencies. This turned the Eurozone into a zero sum game, with Northern Europe (Germany) winning at the expense of Southern Europe. Now, they've agreed to cut their energy cord with Russia.

Ukrainians are risking their lives in a one sided conflict. The Europeans are carrying the can (no fertiliser, no gas). And, guess who'll be supplying their gas?

There are three players in the impending war for the remaining oil.

From a US point of view, now is the time to weaken Russia as a prelude for takeover of its vast resources. If it can capture Russia, it would control all the oil. China would be cut off.

Whether it can achieve this outcome without a nuclear confrontation seems implausible. All indications are that the US is a falling empire run by nutters. It might disintegrate into civil war if it doesn't have oil.

This is scary. The most heavily armed country on the planet is getting more desperate by the day, and it hasn't made friends. Even the Saudis have had enough, but when you do deals with the devil, extrication can be tricky.

Whatever the result, it will be a short lived victory because it's game over for everyone when the affordable energy dense fuel is depleted.

I hope the winner doesn't forget about the long life radioactive waste that hundreds of nuclear power plants have left behind.

Now is not the time for distraction. Start planning for a future without dense energy in it. As you're reading this, look around you. Very little you see is a product of just the sun's energy. Your house, your car, your food, your roads etc etc.

Our lack of oil should be an election focus. It won't be.

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