Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

The End

This blog has come to an end.

Zero feedback. That's a fail.

Unpleasant reality is our kryptonite. Our unique ability to deny its existence and, our expert reading of minds, are driving us down a dangerous path with no turning back. We're awash with denial, deception, and social dysfunction.

We can't save ourselves from the grim consequences of population overshoot. Nor depletion of the finite, affordable, energy dense fuel that drove it. Both scenarios have been in full view for half a century. We've done nothing. Zilch.

Controlling elites are reading our minds. They know that we follow those who tell us what we want to hear.

We like the sound of fossil fuel products like wind and solar, and fictitious ones like class 8 equivalent electric trucks. Grubby politicians and compliant sheeple. A match made in heaven.

On we go, making false assumptions left right and centre, and hoping that authority and or human ingenuity will save us. Or even that a messiah will return, replete with a sack of miracles.

Our way of living will be overturned this century, and the consequences will be dire. Energy depletion might be as close as 10 years away. Earlier, if war breaks out. 2030 or the IPCC's 24001. Which is closer to the truth? Is your government telling you anything?

Oil prices are increasing, as they must, and greater numbers of increasingly indebted householders and businesses simply can't afford to buy. Cutting off Russian exports of oil and fertiliser by applying sanctions makes no sense.

We've eaten most of the lollies in the jar, the best ones first, and we're eating them at a faster rate each year. Hubris says we'll invent new lollies. Don't bet your rapidly depreciating money on that outcome.

8 billion of us will continue to thwart the immutable laws of nature as if they don't exist. A small number will continue to exploit the sheeple. The sheeple will remain ignorant until the bitter end. Like real sheep going down the chute.

Anything that humans have done can be undone (at least, in theory). If there's a will, there's a way. A modern debt jubilee would help, but there's no understanding, and no will.

Running out of affordable energy dense fuel can't be undone, and we'll have to cop the consequences. As our economy simplifies from the lack of dense energy, we'll lose our ability to do many things, like keep us safe from long life radioactive waste. Ukraine has 15 rundown nuclear power plants (less than 5% of the total). Get the picture.

Mind games are shifting us closer to war. History tells us not to be surprised, and that anything could happen when we're on the brink.

Of course, nobody gave a shite about the failed state of Ukraine, and what it was up to. That's when the hypocrites rushed to their maps to find out where it is. And pledge their support for this cobbled together dysfunctional country (called, if you're Biden, Urania).

Ukraine's a pawn in the US fight for the remaining affordable energy dense fuel.

It's the poorest country in Europe, and has the second highest IMF debt in the world. What does it have to do for the US in order to repay a debt that it can never repay?

So the US has attached a leech to Russia. Regime change, leading to control of Russian energy and resources, would be a good outcome for the US. And nobody gets hurt. Well no American, unless he or she is a mercenary.

The US has also eliminated a large user of Russian energy. There's no leadership in the vassal going by the misnomer, European Union.

The final play is elimination of China, the world's largest energy consumer. If the US secures Russian and Middle Eastern energy, it will be well placed to consign China to peasantry from which it has recently emerged. Now is the time for escalation since, thanks to the Taliban, China could build a land based pipeline to the Middle East bypassing the sea lanes controlled by the US.

If this is US strategy (who can know?), then it makes no sense if nuclear powers, Russia and China aren't prepared to submit to US rule. Both have hypersonic weapons with no known deterrents.

It's much more likely that the rest of the world lead by Russia and China will coalesce into a hard bloc that owns and controls the energy. It makes for interesting but highly dangerous times.

Some empires go quietly into the night. Some go down spewing bile (like the Roman Empire). We know which one the US is.

Anyone who isn't concerned about the quality of US leadership needs their head read. We're in Dr. Strangelove territory.


This blog isn't useful. It's as simple as that.

50 years ago, as an undergrad, I formed the opinion that economics was a pile of shite. But I had to retire to confirm it.

For more than a decade, I've known that catastrophe awaits. I became a nutter to be avoided. Discovering recently that I'm on the autism spectrum didn't help.

It's not easy confronting your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren.

What to do? We've seen empires collapse, and we're witnessing one now. But there's never been a collapse on the scale that awaits us.

What will you do, if the only energy source is a sun that powers animal and plant life?

Start there. Forget the rest.

Remember there's no electricity in your future. There's no energy dense fuel. There are no renewables. There's wood (what's left of it), and radioactive waste.

If you've got debt, you don't own the asset, and if you don't own it, it will be taken away. Downsize, if you can.

Learn how to grow and preserve green stuff you can eat. Make sure there's running water that isn't stored behind a dam. They can't be replaced. Relocate, if necessary and you can.

There's strength in community where like minded people know each other. Go there, if you can.

People have been happy under those conditions. That's been the norm for humans, and it will be again.

You just need to survive an unpredictable descent to get there. What goes up will almost certainly come down faster (Seneca Effect).

If you read this, thank you. I'll leave the posts up for a short time.

  1. The IPCC scenarios do not model fossil fuels at all, since their assumption is that we will be burning fossil fuels, at exponentially increasing amounts until 2400." - Alice Friedemann

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