Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

Some Antidote

I've been appalled by the reaction of my fellow citizens to the war in Ukraine.

They're mostly 'nice' apparently. But they're also ignorant, apathetic and in denial.

'Nice' shouldn't be absolved from responsibility for the actions of their governments. 'Nice' doesn't cut it when lives are being lost.

'Nice' is taking the high ground, on conquered land, while their governments participate fully in the dirty business of an evil empire.

It's been this way since invasion by the first evil empire. One futile, immoral war after another.

And, make no mistake, Ukraine is the work of the evil empire. Its fingerprints are everywhere.

We deserve what we're going to get.

This is Dmitry Orlov1 being interviewed (part 1, part 2). It's an antidote to the lies on mainstream media, social media and everywhere else it seems.

  1. Orlov is a returned Russian having lived in the US for many years. Support him here.