Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

Serial Killer or Musician

This post is based on this article by Steve Kirch.

The setting is the Pfizer boardroom.

Is the new drug fully tested and ready to go?


What's the plan?

We called it a vaccine. That's how we got Biden to mandate it.

What's the feedback from our lobbyists? We have hundreds, don't we?

Biden's onboard. Don't worry.

What about liability? The drug's not fully tested.

On to it. We have an emergency use approval that waives all liability.

Have our people persuaded the FDA?

Yes The persuasion project is complete.

What about other countries?

Yes Most are like Oz. Their TGA is lockstep with our FDA. ScoMo's taking orders from Biden who's taking orders from. I'll get back to you on that.

Who's ScoMo?

Let's move on. I don't want to waste your time.

What have we done about the competition?

The FDA is only approving US vaccines on an emergency basis.

Moderna's shot itself in the foot. Have you seen the share price? Biden and the FDA have taken care of the rest.

What about fluvoxamine, ivermectin etc?

They're drugs, not a vaccine like our drug.

The FDA called Ivermectin a horse de-wormer which was good publicity for us.

We've asked all divisions to keep an eye on these drugs because they're safer and more effective, and could get a head of steam up if the sheep twig.

Well done. There are rumblings that our drug is harmful. What's recommended?

It's costly getting to the bottom of these things. We're going to save money and wing it. We've paid off enough people and we're expecting value for money. We've come too far.

How's the scare division going?

The scare campaign's going well. There's strong demand for our drug.

It's being reported that the drug is losing effectiveness.

We've got that covered. We're boosting the scare campaign and then introducing booster shots. This will improve our bottom line, and that's what it's all about.

And marketing?

Well, if the boosters sell well, we might introduce a lifetime subscription.

Marketing's brought up the issue that people don't like needles. So we've developed a pill.

Has it been fully tested?

No. We'll be getting an emergency approval to avoid liability. We can't risk the whole world suing us.

So getting back to our goal of 100% vaccination. What's happening?

Coercion is tried and tested. Biden's primed, and the sheep will be sheepish as usual.

What's our social media division been doing?

Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the gang are all on board. They've been told to heavily censor otherwise bad things will happen to them. The message was received loud and clear.

Facebook's been forced to re-brand itself, but they'll get over it.

And, what about the mainstream media?

I'm surprised you even asked about that. They're doing everything they can to muddy the water.

How's the legal division going? What are the loopholes we can drive through?

As you know, emergency use is the method we're using to avoid liability. But, if we can get our drug fully approved for kids, then our liability is waived for all ages. How good is that?

Aren't kids fairly safe with covid and unsafe with our drug?


I didn't quite hear that. Did you say we have to focus on kids?

Yes. It's a sector we haven't exploited. We're confident that we've got the FDA on board, and we're confident that the sheep will vaccinate the lambs if the FDA fully approves our drug for them.

That's when we finally get full approval?


You know that your bonuses are on the line if this blows up.


Any of you got morals, ethics or other complications?


Meeting adjourned.

Drinks are on Fred's yacht this week. The plane leaves at 5pm. Hope to see you all there.

Unfortunately, no politicians were harmed in the writing of this post. For Oz viewers of Spicks and Specks, is Pfizer a serial killer or musician?

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