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Remember Afghanistan

I wrote a post about Afghanistan here

In August last year, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan. The former government collapsed, leaving behind just over $7bn in central bank assets deposited in the US Federal Reserve bank in New York.

"Joe Biden signed an executive order ...releasing $7bn in frozen Afghan reserves to be split between humanitarian efforts for the Afghan people, and American victims of terrorism, including relatives of 9/11."

The funds will be kept out of the hands of the Taliban. In other words, Afghanistan's reserves have been confiscated by the US.

That's your typical 20 year liberation for you. Afghanistan had the misfortune to be located at the nexus of Russia, China, Iran and the Middle East. It had to be 'democratised'.

US$3 trillion dollars was reputedly spent outside the country on weapons makers. It was bombed and land mined and, in the end, many US weapons were left behind in the hands of the liberating Taliban.

"...critics warned that it could tip Afghanistan’s already-strained banking system over the edge into systemic failure and deepen a humanitarian crisis that has left millions facing starvation and almost the entire country – 98% – short of food.

Here is Irish politician, Clare Daly letting loose on the hypocrites who've forgotten about Afghanistan. She says war is bad, but what do you do when the Ukraine goes to war with its citizens?

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