Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

Penetrating the Fog of War


  1. Putin is evil.

  2. Putin is evil, and mentally defective.

  3. Russia needs more land.

It's the largest country in the world by area, encompassing one-eighth of the Earth's inhabitable landmass.

  1. Russia needs more resources.

It's awash with resources, including many critical resources that only it possesses. It exports oil and fertiliser.

  1. My government told me they were my enemy.

It's not the first time I didn't know where my enemy is located. I love ScoMo.

  1. Russians love killing civilians, especially pregnant women and children.

They could level Ukraine in the blink of an eye. The majority are Russian speaking.

  1. Borders should be respected no matter what.

The Rwandan border was respected while 800,000 people were massacred.

We're a US vassal. The US always respects borders.

There is no Ukrainian border because Ukraine didn't renew its border agreement.

  1. US armed and indoctrinated Ukrainians have been shelling their Russian speaking citizens for years. They were preparing to launch a genocidal attack.

The West is being bombarded with US propaganda and censorship. This post [video] might balance things up a bit.

Don't watch it if you ticked any of the first 7 boxes or if you have another answer. Cognitive dissonance is hard to shake off.

- 1 toast