Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant


Follow the money. That's often the best way to work out what's going on when data is missing.

The vaccination rollout is under threat from the highly transmissible, but less virulent Omicron variant. It's the variant that provides you with immunity to delta.

One of the most profitable revenue streams ever created should be coming to an end. But, it won't be.

Contracts written by the vaccine suppliers for their benefit will have provided for every contingency. They won't be missing out. Follow the money, and the answer will be there.

Where are deaths coming from?

"Confirming that a suspected case is Omicron requires a full genetic analysis, which takes between four and five days. By looking closely at the genetic material provided though testing, scientists can confirm whether someone is positive with Omicron or the already widely-circulating Delta."

Australia isn't testing for that, making it impossible to determine how many deaths are from delta and other variants, and how many are from omicron.

In other places, the data indicates an absence of deaths from omicron. It shows that omicron displaces the more life threatening delta, and doesn't take long to do it.

When ScoMo opened Oz up, he was counting on the high transmissibility of omicron to win the battle with delta. The resulting deaths would be an indicator of the residual delta in the community.

To my mind, delaying to allow Omicron to further displace delta would save lives. ScoMo will never be interrogated about that.

It's conjecture on my part that opening up and getting the economy going was a higher priority than losing some lives. ScoMo's political instincts are finely honed so who am I to say that that's not what we want?

ScoMo seems to be treating omicron like influenza. Each year we accept a level of deaths from influenza without batting an eye. Omicron has now been added to the flu season list. There's just a few delta deaths to go, and it's all over.

Our ever helpful media has reported a surge in omicron, and a surge in covid deaths.

They haven't reported a surge in omicron deaths because they can't.

At last check, one death from omicron had made it into the media.

The media is implying omicron deaths consistent with an omicron surge. To me, it looks like an omicron surge with delta deaths. Nothing can be done if there's misreporting, because the data isn't available in Australia.

Do we need boosters to combat omicron that's officially killed one person in Australia?

To media consumers, covid deaths mean boosters.

People close to me are off to get their boosters. Many are getting boosters to keep their jobs.

At the same time, ScoMo is implementing the COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme.

ScoMo is acknowledging the following side effects of the mRNA vaccines and Astra Zeneca.

  • anaphylactic reaction
  • thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome
  • myocarditis
  • pericarditis
  • capillary leak syndrome
  • demyelinating disorders including Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)
  • thrombocytopenia, including immune Thrombocytopenia, identified as a final diagnosis.

It's hard not to be sucked into conspiracies with ScoMo at the wheel.

None of the vaccine providers can be held liable for anything. It's legislated and it's in the contracts. That why they spend millions lobbying government.

A common view is that adverse reactions are grossly under-reported.

The best form of defence is attack. The worst outcome would be a well funded, highly publicised class action against government, the only one that an aggrieved person may be able to take action against.

The best attack is to pay up, in return for an end to the matter. A piffling $20,000 maximum applies. It's just enough to keep the lawyers out of it.

Now let me be clear. I've got no idea if there are any grounds for compensation. But Christian ScoMo has a nasty neo-liberal heart beating within.

When bad corporations do this sort of thing, they are income constrained. In other words, compensation paid comes off their bottom line.

Readers of this blog know that ScoMo's government can create money out of thin air. He's not using taxes, and he's not having to borrow, in order to spend.

For those seeking compensation, ScoMo's offer is pathetic given the costly changes to their lives that many may have endured.

The reader knows that ScoMo has to be mindful of inflation. Whatever compensation ScoMo pays will be a trivial amount in a $2 trillion economy. In other words, any impact on inflation can be ignored.

ScoMo's offer is driven by money, and concern for votes. It's not an offer driven by concern for the health and wellbeing of those he represents in theory if not in practice.

If he was in business, he would be patted on the back and given a bonus for limiting the compensation and risk. This is the price we pay for putting suspect businessmen in charge of our lives.

- 1 toast