Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant


Andrew Nikiforuk is a Canadian author and journalist. This is his November 17, 2021 address to alumni at the University of Victoria. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Nikiforuk's address is wide ranging and makes sense to me for what that's worth.

Nikiforuk doesn't deal with Ajit Varki's MORT theory as Rob Mielcarski points out in his excellent blog, Un-Denial.

On the other hand, the technosphere appears to be new to Mielcarski. The person I've followed in relation to this is Dmitry Orlov.

"In my 2016 book, Shrinking the Technosphere I described the technosphere as a nonhuman global emergent intelligence driven by an abstract teleology of total control, a networked machine with some human moving parts (fewer and fewer every day), utterly devoid of any moral or ethical sense (but skilled in using morality and ethics for manipulative purposes)."*

"The technosphere can keep you alive and comfortable if it finds you useful but can just as easily kill you, its killing technologies being some of the most advanced."

"I made the case that we ought to work diligently on shrinking the technosphere; not eliminating technology altogether, mind you, since that would spell the death of billions, but reigning it in and becoming the master of it rather than it being the master of us."

You can listen to Orlov talking about the technosphere here, and, for more, he can be found at Patreon.

It's a short post today but there's plenty to keep you busy.

Living debt free in a local community with access to running water and good soil makes sense. But, of course, when the shit hits the fan, who can know what the future holds.

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