Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

Money can't buy you love

John Pilger recently tweeted.

"Australia issued Djokovic with his dodgy visa knowing his views on vaccination. It was a nod and wink typical of the political geniuses of Oz. The real scandal is the shocking treatment of asylum seekers imprisoned in the same lousy Melbourne detention 'hotel' for eight years."

"The Djokovic farce has revealed the other Australia: its brutal treatment of refugees in offshore concentration camps, including the denial of medical care, its pursuit of truth-tellers of Australia's crimes in Timor and Afghanistan. How brave the image, how craven the reality."

If he had more time and the inclination, Djokovic could have purchased a citizenship with his petty cash. Money can't buy you love, but it can buy just about anything else in Oz.

This is ScoMo's Citizenship by Investment Policy courtesy of Sydney Migration International.

"Why limit yourself to living in only one country when you can have Australian citizenship by investment. In times of uncertainty a second (dual) citizenship provides the comfort of knowing that you, your family, and your finances can be secured by having an alternative base and home in Australia."

"In the same way and for the same reasons that people diversify their investments, so too do people seek to acquire multiple citizenships. Additional passports provide security as well as access to various countries visa-free."

"Aside from global mobility as a result of visa-free travel to many different countries, citizenship in another country also often provides various other additional benefits such as the ability to bring your family with you, the ability to diversify your investments in another jurisdiction and find new opportunities, consular support when overseas, the right to vote, financial assistance, access to education, and in some cases tax management advantages."

If, hypothetically, Djokovic had sought citizenship, he almost certainly would be a reserve currency free rider. Any Oz citizenship investment, made with US dollars, would be cheap as chips.

Which is why we own few of our critical assets, and why Oz is an attractive second home for some. Our leaders have been selling us out from the time of the first empire.

Asylum seekers have no chance of getting citizenship. They risk their lives on boats. They don't fly in on visas, and forget to go home. And, they don't have any money.

Discrimination, in its various manifestations, is baked into ScoMo's government. This is current policy.

"Generally, there are five different streams leading to citizenship in Australia by Investment. It is possible to apply under any one of the streams. From a financial perspective, the citizenship by investment streams require:

  1. funding from specified classes of investors of at least AUD $200,000 to commercialise a product or service in Australia or
  1. successful business history and net assets of AUD $800,000 or
  1. the making of an approved investment of AUD $1.5 million and net assets of AUD $2.25 million or
  1. the making of approved investments of at least AUD $5 million or
  1. the making of approved investments of at least AUD $15 million.

"If the applicant complies with the conditions of their stream, they can apply for permanent residency and subsequently citizenship."

- 1 toast