Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

Inept and Nasty

Hello reader

Yesterday's post addressed, in part, an insidious ideology called neoliberalism.

In case you've forgotten, you voted neoliberal last time round, and the time before, etc etc. But don't worry about that. In our two party system, you always get neoliberal.

How is SCOMO and his boys dealing with the economic consequences of the pandemic?

His policies are straight out of the short-termism playbook. The brew is unpleasant, and will finish with a very bitter after taste.

Credit is readily available at low rates in the most highly indebted country on the planet.

Households have easy access to their retirement savings.

Government spending is inadequate so the bottom end is paying the price. No change.

Asset prices are booming as the real economy grapples with pandemic restrictions. It must be a dream.

Oil prices are increasing, and tensions are building. It must be denial of unpleasant reality, and deception.

We've never needed leadership so much, and had so little.

- 1 toast