Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

Egg On My Face

We live in a world that's crawling with manipulators and scaredy cats.

Big Pharma and Government are master manipulators.

With exceptions, scientists, doctors, and health bureaucrats are scaredy cats. They're keeping their heads down.

And, with exceptions, so are we. Shuffling into our designated paddocks, and then going down the chute for our emergency use injections.

None of us really understanding what's going into our bodies.

The missing ingredient is trust. No matter how hard we try, some of us can't convince ourselves that Big Pharma and Government are trustworthy. That they're acting in our interests.

And some of us are wondering if the hippocratic oath means anything.

And, then we look at our insignificant little grafter, ScoMo. Is he the best we've got? Bow head, shed a tear for your children and grandchildren.

The best place to find the truth is in the blogosphere, but it's a minefield and you have to tread carefully.

So I'm mounting a defence of my last post, and then I'm going to eat some humble pie.

Dr John Campbell is a Doctor of Philosophy. He's not a Medical doctor. You can find out who he is in his own words here.

Campbell is translating the research done by the scaredy cat scientists into words that we can understand. I think he's qualified to do that and, just like me, you can make your own mind up.

And, let me remind the reader that you don't have to read my blog or subscribe to Campbell's channel. That will only happen when I become the leader of the free world.

If there's one left to lead.

In the end, are we going to get plain speaking from government, the professions and big monopolies?

Everyone's seen how whistleblowers are treated, and few of us have raised our voices.

Sheep aren't allowed to choose their hairstyles. That's where we're heading. Down the chute.

Some analogies may have been exaggerated in the interests of better story telling.

- 2 toasts