Ruminations of a Rundown Replicant

A Dark Cloud Overhead

I write a lot about the impending energy crisis and the economic meltdown that will be triggered.

Humans use lots of dense fossil energy to plant, fertilise, process, store and distribute food. When it's used up, there's going to be a massive culling of the human population. That's as polite as I can be.

On the way down, starving humans will be eating down the herds of domestic animals. The wildlife will follow.

Humans are just another plague, and they got to 8 billion in number before they exhausted their resources.

The impending energy crisis is known at the highest level of government, and has been for half a century. The financialisation of economies is the marker for that.

They're letting the masses chatter while they refine their action plan.

Part of the plan is nuclear. It's the only dense energy left. But even if that investment succeeds and can be scaled up quickly, having lots of electricity isn't going to offset the many life giving benefits of affordable fossil energy.

Will they attempt a controlled demolition, have a war over the remaining fossil energy or will they just let nature run its course?

A bioweapon is perfect. No assets are harmed. Or mass sterilisation. No humans are harmed. Or targeted elimination. Get rid of races, genders, the aged ... It's been done many times in human history.

Anyway you can't say these things in polite company.

I'm going to let Dr Peter McCullough1 do some talking. I can't tell if he knows more than he's saying or not. Anyway, I'm sure I know what the BIG thing is, even if you choose not to know.

It always comes back to our denial of unpleasant reality. It's driven our domination of other life forms, and it will be a driver of our demise.

  1. Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, in academic medical practice. "Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster...".